Lakewood Animal Hospital

36097 Goodwin Dr.
Locust Grove, VA 22508


New COVID-19 Protocols

Please read below:

UPDATED June 15, 2021


We are happy to announce Lakewood Animal Hospital will be inviting clients back into the building with their pets on a limited basis beginning Tuesday June 15th

Starting on June 15th, we will allow 1-2 people into the exam room for most types of appointments.  For now, all clients will still be required to wear a mask over their mouth and nose for the entire time they are in the building regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.  Team members will also be masked.  If you are unwilling/unable to wear a mask, we will happily continue to provide curbside service to you and your pet(s) until our indoor mask requirement is lifted (which we are expecting will be soon).  At this time, children not old enough to properly wear a mask throughout the appointment will not be allowed in the building. 

Short visits/procedures such as blood draws, heartworm tests, some booster vaccine visits and nail trims will still be conducted via our curbside protocol to minimize client traffic inside the building while we make this transition.  Medication and food pick up will also continue to be curbside at this time.  Clients preferring to continue with curbside service may continue to do so!  For any curbside service, please continue to wear a mask when handing off your pet or interacting with a team member if you are NOT vaccinated against COVID-19. Please see below for curbside service protocols.

We are asking all clients to still call the hospital upon arrival at Lakewood.  The initial history/intake may still be completed over the phone depending on room/staff availability.  You will be invited into the exam room when one is ready for you.  We will continue to accept only credit cards, debit cards and Care Credit (no cash or checks).

We are excited to welcome you back into the building or into the building for the first time for our newer clients!  Protecting the health and safety of our patients, clients, team members and community is our primary goal!  We do intend to eventually lift all the remaining restrictions including the mask requirement for those who are vaccinated!  We ask for your patience and cooperation as we transition back to face to face appointments!

 Curbside service protocols:

  • Upon arrival to Lakewood we ask that all clients call our office at 540-972-2203 and remain in your vehicle.
  • You will be connected with a staff member who will obtain a history, discuss information needed to proceed with the appointment, and provide an initial cost estimate over the phone.
  • A staff member will come to your vehicle to get your pet and bring your pet into the hospital for his/her appointment. As of June 15th all clients that are not vaccinated for COVID-19 still must be wearing a mask covering their nose and mouth when handing off their dog’s leash to/from a staff member. Dogs need to be leashed, out of the vehicle, and standing on the ground for leash hand-off or in a pet carrier. Cats must be in a carrier; we ask that you remove the carrier from your vehicle and place it on the ground and get back in your vehicle. Our staff will not take pets directly from their owner’s arms or from vehicles. Clients who arrive without their pet in a carrier will be rescheduled.
  • After your pet is examined the doctor will call you to discuss recommendations and provide you with a verbal estimate. If it is necessary/advised for your pet to stay with us for the day there will not be an additional admission fee. 
  • At the conclusion of your pet's visit, all discharge information will be given by a staff member via telephone and/or email.
  • Once the phone discharge is complete, payment will be taken over the phone (no cash/check). The receipt and invoice will be emailed to you and a staff member will return your pet to your vehicle with any necessary medications.